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Planting for Screening: Transform Your Outdoor Haven!

Discover the magic of verdant greenery with our guide to planting for screening, using versatile plants like photinia, bamboo, laurel, and leylandi. Privacy Paradise: Create natural barriers to enjoy enhanced seclusion from neighbours, turning your outdoor space into a private sanctuary. Noise Reduction Oasis: Not only do these plants add aesthetic appeal, but they also […]

Considering Artificial Grass? Let’s Talk Disadvantages

Hey garden friends! If you’re contemplating artificial grass, it’s essential to weigh the cons. Here are a few drawbacks to consider: Longevity in Landfills: Artificial grass doesn’t break down naturally. When it reaches the end of its life, it often ends up in landfills, contributing to long-term environmental issues. Insect Unfriendliness: Artificial turf doesn’t provide […]

Gedling Relief Road

The Gedling Access Road is a new 3.8km single carriageway that will link the B684 Mapperley Plains to the A612 Trent Valley Road. Main construction work on the Gedling Access Road is now underway and will mark the beginning of sustainable redevelopment in the area for future generations…it will however cause some disruption throughout the […]

Vibrant Autumn Colour

Whatever your garden theme, achieve year-round interest by planting shrubs with either architectural foliage, light reflecting leaves, attractive stems or winter berries. Cornus ‘Baton Rouge’ – A dense decorative shrub, grown primarily for its bright scarlet stems. Dark green leaves are produced in spring and bluish fruits in autumn. • Perfect for borders Cordyline ‘Electric Flash’ – A […]