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Give your plants the best start

Incorporating nutrient rich compost when planting up, helps improve soil quality, aeration and water retention (especially beneficial for sandy soils). It not only encourages healthy root systems which leads to stronger plants with higher yields, but also reduces run-off and pollution of water ways.

Choosing the right compost

Ericaceous compost for acid loving plants
Acers, Amelanchier, Bueberry, Camellias, Ceanothus, Crinodendron, Cornus, Ferns, Hamamelis, Heathers, Iris, Leucothoe, Magnolia, Pieris, Rhododendron, Sidalcea and Sorbus all thrive in an acid soil.

Peat-Free for the conscientious gardener
Peatlands are immensely valuable to our planet – they act as a carbon store, have a role in water management and provide a habitat-rich environment for wildlife. The extraction of peat has a negative impact on these precious sites so we encourage gardeners to go peat-free!