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Disease Control

All species of plants are subject to disease, the occurrence and prevalence vary from season to season, depending on the presence of the pathogen, environmental conditions, and the crops and varieties grown. Don’t despair, our range of top brand products will help get your growing back on track and your garden bright, beautiful and healthy!

Identifying your disease

Box Blight
A fungal disease that attacks the leaves and stems of Buxus but not the roots. The leaves can either become yellow with pink spots on the underside or have patchy areas of brown withered leaves with grey fungus on the underside. Stems may also appear blackened and leaf loss may occur. If this is the case it’s best to remove infected areas and apply a fungicide.

Downey Mildew
Caused by parasitic organisms and spread from plant to plant by airborn spores. Infection is favoured by prolonged leaf wetness and appears like an oil spot (whitish to dark grey-black) on the underside of the leaf. Basil, Grapes, Sunflowers and Squashes are all susceptible.

Powdery Mildew
A fungal disease normally caused by poor ventilation and as the name suggests it appears as a white powder on both the top and underside of the leaf. Often common when growing Impatiens, Cucumbers, Roses, Zinnias, Bee Blam and Lilac.