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Hedging & Screening

Block out air pollution & prying eyes!

For centuries the hedge has been used to define boundaries, provide shelter, contain livestock and secure farmsteads. Today the extent of their usefulness lies in their ability to barrier against environmental pollution, such as car exhaust fumes, noise and dust. Dense foliage helps to reduce wind, especially useful for those in more exposed positions in addition to providing privacy from prying eyes.

Bare-root hedging – Available early November
Quick to establish, barefoot hedging also referred to as ‘whips’ are a very economical way to plant a hedge. Typical planting density would be 5 plants per metre planted in 2 rows. Plant until late March.

  • Hawthorn – £1.00 each
  • Privet Green 2yr – £1.30 each
  • Beech Green – £1.30 each

Established hedging – Available all year