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Author: Lesley Heyhoe

Planting for Screening: Transform Your Outdoor Haven!

Discover the magic of verdant greenery with our guide to planting for screening, using versatile plants like photinia, bamboo, laurel, and leylandi. Privacy Paradise: Create natural barriers to enjoy enhanced seclusion from neighbours, turning your outdoor space into a private sanctuary. Noise Reduction Oasis: Not only do these plants add aesthetic appeal, but they also […]

Considering Artificial Grass? Let’s Talk Disadvantages

Hey garden friends! If you’re contemplating artificial grass, it’s essential to weigh the cons. Here are a few drawbacks to consider: Longevity in Landfills: Artificial grass doesn’t break down naturally. When it reaches the end of its life, it often ends up in landfills, contributing to long-term environmental issues. Insect Unfriendliness: Artificial turf doesn’t provide […]